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Basic documents for application

A : For Chinese, Bangladesh, Myanma, Mongol, Vietnam, Nepal, Sri Lanka
T. Documents to be supplied by applicant
  @.Application form (which we designated)
A.Essay about your purpose for Japanese study (which we designated)
B.Resume (which we designated)
C.Certificate of learning Japanese and its Japanese translation
D.Original final diploma and its Japanese translation.
※All the applicants must submit the original high school diploma. College graduates should also submit the original college document.
E.Identification card (ID card, family register) and its Japanese translation
※If it does not correspond with application form et cetera, we do not accept them.)
F.Certificate of school/office registration (only for people who are students or workers.)
G.Copy of your passport
H.Copy of passport-size photo (Taken within 3months, L4cm. W3cm.)
U. Documents to be supplied by supporter of the applicant
  @.Payment guarantee (which we designated)
A.Documents that prove the relationship between supporter and applicant and its Japanese translation
B.Bank balance sheet which has more than 3,000,000yen and copy of the bank book
C. On-job certificate. If you are a director of a company or an independent businessman, submit a copy of the corporate registration.
D.Documents that provide proof of the funds you will need to study in Japan.
E. Identification card. If the supporter is a Japanese or naturalized in Japan, submit the certificate of residence which contains all family members. If non-Japanese, submit certificate of facts in foreigner registration
F. Taxation certificate. Official documents that proves supporter's income for the recent 3 years and its Japanese translation.
G. Income certificate. Official documents that provides proof of the supporter's income for the past 3 years and its Japanese translation.

B : For other country
  @.Application form (which we designated)
A.Copy of passport
B.Final diploma or a certificate of register and its Japanese translation.
C.Copy of passport-size photo (Taken within 3months, L4cm. W3cm.)
D.Family register
E.Bank balance sheet


@. Make sure to fill the application forms by the applicant.
A. Write between the blocks. Use a black ballpoint or a fountain pen, and if you made a mistake, draw a double line on it and stamp your seal, then write the correct words at the next to it. Do not use white out.
B. Each document has to be issued within the past 3months.
C. Each of original document and Japanese translation has to be printed.
D. Each document has to be in A4 size.

※The documents can be downloaded here.

Documents to be supplied by applicant

Documents to be supplied by supporter

  Inquire Sheet   payment guarantee
  Resume   written oath
  Application forms   
  Physical Examination Certificate  

Attentions for writing documents

Attentions for writing documents

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