About Daily Life
Is there a dormitory?
We can introduce you to our dormitory, or offer you some information about houses neighbor to our school.
Are there any scholarships available?
You can apply scholarship of national Japanese educational institution. And we have our original scholarship system.
Can you introduce me a part-time job?
If you have excellent attitude and grades, we can introduce you to a part-time job on the assumption that the job doesn’t disturb your studying.
How many hours of lessons are there per day?
There are four hours of lessons per day and a total of 800 study hours over the year.
Morning Class: 9:00-12:55 Afternoon Class: 13:30-17:20
How should I prepare to go on to further education in Japan?
Every year, guidance is held twice for those intending to advance to further education. After attending to the guidance, you will consult with your teacher about your career. Along the application handbook of the university to which you apply to enter, you can select each class you need to study for an entrance examination. Teachers of career guidance are eager to support you to pass the examination tests.
About School Entry
Can I take an entrance examination in China? And, what kind of the form of the examination?
You can take the examination at trusted schools in China. 実施校の詳細については本校までお問い合わせ下さい。
When can I enter the school?
We have two terms of invitation in each year. There are April-course (two years course) and October-course (one year and six months course). Both of them, invitation limits are six months before the entrance.
How do I apply?
Please click here.
How long will it take to apply entry?
It will take two and half a month to get Certificate of Eligibility after you hand in documents to the Immigration Bureau. You can get the result of application of visa at Japanese Embassy in China about one month before to entrance.
Is there an age limitation?
There is no age limitation, however Japanese Pre-College courseTor Japanese Pre-College course U applicants should have graduated from their final place of study within the last five years. However, according to the applicant’s situation, content differs so please consult with us for further information.